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Reasonable operation process


In order to ensure product quality and on-time delivery, all processes are specially responsible. All communications and documents from customers to subcontracted factories are systematically managed. If any problems occur, the cause can be promptly identified and corrected quickly.

Quality management system


Our company has a detailed quality control system.  Expect the quality inspection in each production steps, we also have specific rules for the problem-solving speed and effective corrective action。

The whole quality inspection
Arrange quality inspections at every production step,ensure the problems could be solved timely
Detailed quality inspection syste
Our QA department is not only focus on the product flaws,but also pay attention to the possible problems in packaging and transportation. All the products should be individually checked by quality control personnel according to the standard inspection form.
Monthly quality inspection meeting
All defects are tracked by the responsible person,
Monthly summary and analysis of data and reasons,
Monthly quality meetings are held to discuss improvement options.
Precision testing equipment
Using various quality inspection equipment,like CMM (three coordinate measuring system),
ensure the accuracy for the inspection.



A number of long-term cooperation with outsourcing manufacturers, strict screening to ensure product quality

Our company has strict assessment standards for outsourcing companies. Based on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation, we have established long-term stable cooperative relationships with outsourcing manufacturers to ensure that all problems in production can be resolved in a timely manner. In case of serious or multiple unjustified production problems or postponements, the cooperation will be cancelled immediately and no recruitment will be made.
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