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Company Profile

Company Name: Dalian Jinqi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Founded: February 2006
General Manager: Wang Yan
Registered capital: RMB 6 million
Business Scope:
1. Processing of medium and large mechanical parts (turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc.) made of steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials
2. Welding, CNC machining and precision spraying of various components
3. OEM and processing of various production lines, machinery and equipment and components (nuclear power wind power, forging, metal building materials, automobile manufacturing industry, etc.)
4. Provide a series of processing and manufacturing from raw materials, riveting, machining to grinding and spraying.
Everything related to the above.

Dalian Jinqi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. always adheres to the business tenet of "quality first, strict compliance with delivery date and reasonable price" and insists on the quality of "survival by quality, development by variety, market by service, benefit by management" Benefit-oriented road. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2007. Under the guidance of the "customer first" business philosophy, the company builds a better organizational management system and promotes talent training to meet the requirements of customers in the international market. The company adheres to the corporate culture of "tolerance, fraternity, innovation, and forge ahead". Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the value of "do not sell the future of the company for immediate benefits." Our goal is to become a dynamic, development-oriented company with innovative technology. All Jinqi employees work hard to achieve the goal.
The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with our customers, serve you wholeheartedly, and become a good partner for your cooperation.

Our strengths

1.Realize one-stop service for riveting, machining, and spraying, eliminating losses and uncontrollable factors in turnover. Achieve efficient production.

Our company can realize continuous processing services from raw materials, riveting, various processing to spray coating in the mechanical processing process, reducing unnecessary losses and risks between factory transfers, and can efficiently and timely respond to various problems in processing and production, ensuring Delivery time and product qualification rate will reduce processing costs.

2.The product qualification rate is 99%, and the on-time delivery rate is 99.2%. On the basis of ISO9001, we have achieved a double leap in quality and delivery time.

The company has a strict production and quality inspection management system and a corresponding after-sales program. It has real-time control of operators, machines and production status. Quality inspections are performed at every turn of production, and sales personnel track the product status at any time The first time corresponds to after-sales issues.

3.Long-term and stable outsourcing factories guarantee the diversity and quality of product technology.

Strict outsourcing factory screening and evaluation mechanism, maintaining long-term cooperation with factories with stable quality, can provide a variety of manufacturing processes.

4.Corresponding to many multinational industrial companies for many years, has rich processing experience and realizes the brand trust of

We have cooperated with the longest contracted companies for 13 years, so as to reassure customers with quality and credibility!

5.Special person is responsible for quoting to achieve the shortest time correspondence.

An operating specialist is responsible for quoting and responding to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

* For non-business hours (8: 00-5: 00 China time), the speed will be delayed. Please forgive me.